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Mounted TV Installation can be intimidating, especially if you have never tackled a project like it before!

So much can go wrong when mounting a television, it can fall off the wall and break, it can tear down your wall as it falls, it can hang crooked on the wall…

There is one sure-fire way to ensure that your mounted TV installation stays on the wall, however, and we’re here today to share it with you!

How to Ensure That Your Mounted TV Installation Stays on the Wall

No matter what type of television you want to mount on your wall, the one thing that you can do to ensure that it stays safely on the wall is to hire a professional!

We know, it isn’t the type of tip that you were looking for, but here at Gulf Coast Installs we have seen far too many disasters as the result of DIY TV mounting jobs!

Why Hire a Professional for Your Mounted TV Installation?

The potential of things going very wrong is enough of a deterrent for most inexperienced DIY’ers to avoid mounting their own TV.  But why should you consider hiring a professional for the job like Gulf Coast Installs instead of the guy next door who “hung [his] own TV once”?

Allow us to give you more than a few good reasons!

  • Unless the guy next door is a professional TV installer, the chances are that he won’t have the specialized tools needed for a specialty TV mounting job. Every one of our technicians at Gulf Coast Installs has access to the best tools on the market and they always come prepared for the job!
  • The guy next door doesn’t come with a guarantee on his work so if your TV crashes to the floor two weeks later, he’s quite likely to tell you that it’s not his fault or his problem. Here at Gulf Coast Installs our work always comes with a three-year guarantee!
  • When the guy next door mounts your TV for you, he doesn’t come with insurance. That means that when he accidentally drops your TV while mounting it, he’s not covered for the cost of a replacement and you’re out a TV! Here at Gulf Coast Installs, every one of our technicians is fully licensed and insured for every job they undertake!
  • There is more to mounting a TV than simply hanging a bracket on the wall and fitting the TV to that bracket! There are weight limits as well as the contents of the wall to consider! An installation expert can calculate these things in no time at all!
  • Asking your neighbor to help mount your TV might seem like a good idea, but the chances are that if, after mounting, your TV looks crooked, your neighbor probably isn’t going to want to remount it! A professional will get it right the first time, every time!

Need Help With Your Mounted TV Installation?

If you live in Southwest Florida and need help with your mounted TV installation, give us a call here at Gulf Coast Installs and we’ll be happy to help! You can reach us at (239)-682-1077!