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The installation of TV mounting can be a daunting task when you take it on yourself, particularly if you don’t have the DIY experience. Fortunately, there is a plethora of professional TV mounting services out there who can help you to get your TV mounting installed perfectly and safely the first time around!

3 Tips on the Installation of TV Mounting

1. Choose the right mount for your TV!

Every TV mount is not created equal. When choosing a mount for your TV you want to make sure that it fits your TV size properly AND that it’s able to support the weight of your TV.¬† Additionally, you need to make sure that your mount fits properly against the wall and offers the viewing angle you want. For example, does it tilt enough to provide viewing from the whole room?

2. Use studs to support your TV!

When mounting your TV bracket to the wall always check and double check for studs to ensure that your TV is fully supported on the wall. You cannot simply anchor your TV to the drywall or else the weight of the TV will gradually pull forward and your TV will fall off the wall and possibly hurt someone!

3. Check that your mounting holes are level!

When you mark your stud points for mounting your TV bracket make sure that the holes you drill are level by using a spirit level. If the holes for your TV bracket aren’t level then your bracket won’t be level and then your TV won’t be level either! It’s always better to measure twice and cut once than to have to cut twice due to errors measuring!

One Last Word…

Of course, our best tip is to always just call in the professionals who can do the job for you. That means that you don’t have to worry about finding studs, hitting pipes behind walls, cutting through drywall to hide wiring, using a mount that doesn’t provide the right amount of support, or your TV falling off the wall!

Call a Professional Instead

If you think it would be better to get professional installation of TV mounting and you live in southwest Florida, then give us a call! We can get you set up with an appointment in no time at all and your TV will be wall mounted before you know it! Professional TV mounters serving Naples, Ft Myers, and Bonita Springs.