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As the top Gulf Coast installation company, here at Gulf Coast Installs, we have installed a considerable number of kitchen cabinets for our clients. While we always recommend that you have a professional install your kitchen cabinets for you because of the exacting nature of cabinet installation, we understand that not everyone wants to call in a professional installation company. That’s why today, we want to share with you a few tips on kitchen cabinet installation.

Gulf Coast Installation Tips For Kitchen Cabinet Installation

Mark Your Work Space

Yes, we know that you were taught not to draw on walls, but when it comes to kitchen cabinet installation, it’s a necessary part of the job. Use a grease pencil, chalk, or another writing utensil to mark out your work area. Make sure to be specific with your measurements and positions and make sure that your lines are straight! These lines are going to serve as a guide as you install your kitchen cabinets so if they are crooked, your cabinets will be crooked when they go in. You might think that you could live with a few crooked cabinets, but keep in mind that aside from being ugly to the eye, crooked cabinets will impact the space that you have to work with. For example, if you have four cabinets and the first three are crooked, the fourth may not even fit along the wall because it will sit at such an angle!

Use Wall Studs to Anchor Your Cabinets

Like most things that go on your wall, your kitchen cabinets will need to be anchored. Anchoring your cabinets by screwing them to the wall studs will ensure that they stay in place but also make them much sturdier. Without anchoring your cabinets securely, once they are under enough strain, they would simply fall off your wall and probably hurt someone in the process!

Take Out the Drawers and Take Off the Doors Before Getting to Work

Before you find yourself in the thick of it, screwing cabinets to the walls, do yourself a favor and remove the drawers and doors form your cabinets. By doing this, you make sure that you have easy access to anchor points and you make your cabinets much easier to handle. It’s also much safer to work with cabinets when they don’t have drawers that can slide out and or doors that can swing open and hit you!

Install Your Upper Cabinets First

If you are completely renovating your kitchen and installing upper and lower cabinets, it’s best to install your upper cabinets first. By doing this, you give yourself much easier access to anchor your upper cabinets and you don’t have to climb over those lower cabinets to get the job done well.

Clamp Neighboring Cabinets Together

Kitchen cabinets often sit right next to each other which means that they need to be flush when you install them. Use a clamp to ensure that your neighboring cabinets are as close to each other as they can be and to be sure that they are at exactly the same level. This will help to prevent any small but unsightly gaps between kitchen cabinets that will undoubtedly nag at you over time.

Always Use the Correct Hardware

When mounting kitchen cabinets, you should always use cabinet mounting screws. These screws are made to be sturdy so that they can help to support cabinetry and are long enough to go through cabinetry and walls. Using the wrong hardware can result in cabinets that fall off the walls and the very likely possibility of injury.

Check Your Level and Spacing Between Every Step

When installing your kitchen cabinets it can be very easy for cabinets to shift slightly causing things to become uneven or creating gaps between cabinets. The best way to keep this from happening is to check your cabinet placement and look for any changes or spaces between EVERY step of your installation process. This can become tiresome, but it’s also the best way to be sure that your kitchen looks perfect once you’ve completed the job!

Looking For a Reputable Gulf Coast Installation Company?

If you’re looking for a reputable Gulf Coast installation company to help with your kitchen cabinet installation, Gulf Coast Installs can help! Just pick up the phone and give us a call today at (239)-682-1077 and we’ll get you set up with an appointment with our installation technicians right away!