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Barn door interior installation adds a simple but gorgeous focal feature to your home, but it’s no easy task. Installing barn doors requires strength to lift and mount doors as well as an understanding of the installation process so that the doors are securely anchored and (if desired) functional.

Barn Door Interior Installation Services in Southwest Florida

Barn door interior features offer a unique accent to any home whether they’re added as a simple focal point or whether they’re added as a functional door. With a fresh coat of paint or a distressed finish, these doors can be customized to suit any color palette or interior decor theme. From shabby chic to sleek and modern, barn doors can add that custom finish to a room divider and also save limited space when fitted as a sliding door.

Choosing the Barn Door For You

When it comes to choosing a barn door, you have a few options, but your first and most important job is to measure your space and know how you want to use your doors. Will you be installing them as a fixed feature on your walls on either side of a room entrance? Will you be installing them as sliding doors to separate two otherwise open spaces? Will you be using just one to serve as a room divider?

It’s also important to decide what type of door you want to install. Are you looking to purchase a reproduction barn door from a specialty hardware store? Are you looking for a previously used barn door on an auction site?

Once you know what type of door you are looking for, you want to decide how you are going to finish it. Knowing this will help you to choose the right door for your needs. For example, if you want a smooth and modern finish on your interior barn door, you’d be best to choose a reproduction door from a specialty hardware store. If, however, you want a worn and antique look or you’re looking to save money, try shopping with an auction site first or even looking around locally for properties that are in disrepair and contacting the owners to see if they will sell doors from these properties to you.

You also want to decide what type of mounting hardware you are looking for. Do you want something simple and understated? Or are you going for something a little more ornate? You also need to ensure that the hardware you choose is available in the correct size for your doors and that it is able to support the weight of these oversized and hefty features.

There is certainly a lot to think about when it comes to barn door interior installation, but it’s crucial to decide exactly what you want before you start shopping.

Barn Door Interior Installation

Once you have purchased your barn door or doors, you want to paint and finish them to your liking. As with any door, you want to have your interior barn doors painted and finished before the installation begins so that you can do a good job of it and avoid getting drips or splatters on your walls.

Once you have finished your barn doors, it’s time for the installation process to begin. This is the point where it’s recommended for you to call in an installation professional to get the job done for you.

A standard 8 ft. single door kit weighs 17 lbs, not only this, but it’s oversized which makes holding onto the door while you take the necessary measurements next to impossible. Not only do you have to hold on to that door, though, you also have to mark exactly where to install the necessary hardware. Then there is the actual installation of the doors. With the hardware in place, you need to secure the doors to the hardware mount which can mean sliding it into its tracks – a very difficult task to do, particularly if you are on your own! With our expert southwest Florida installation technicians on the job, however, you won’t have to lift a finger and you can rest assured that the job will be done to perfection.

Are You Looking For Barn Door Interior Installation Services in Southwest Florida

If you’re in southwest Florida and are looking for a reliable barn door interior installation service, Gulf Coast Installs can help. Since 1999, our technicians have been providing a wide range of installation services to Floridians including barn door installation, TV wall mounting, window blind installation, and surround sound system installation. To schedule your installation, just give us a call at (239)-682-1077 and we’ll get you set up with our team of installation experts!