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Barn doors aren’t a new trend in home decor, but they are being used more frequently these days to improve the overall appearance of homes worldwide. Here at Gulf Coast Installs, we have installed many barn doors in homes throughout Southwest Florida over the years, so we wanted to share with you a few ways that barn door installation can improve the aesthetics of your home!

How Barn Doors Can Improve the Appearance of Your Home

1. Garage Door Replacement

There are few things as boring and commonplace as the average garage door. Fortunately, you can improve the aesthetics of your garage by replacing those plain doors with unique barn doors instead! Barn doors can add character and color to your garage and are particularly beneficial in making it less of an eyesore if it faces forward or sits directly beside your home.

2. Add a Rustic Feel to Your Country Home

If you have a larger country-style home, barn doors can also bring a little character inside your home as well! Replacing one feature doorway in your home with sliding barn doors adds a rustic feel inside your house which seamlessly compliments provincial decor. Not sure that you have a doorway large enough for inside barn doors? Don’t worry about it! You can always install a single sliding barn door across an entry or use fixed non-sliding barn doors to frame the doorway instead!

3. Divide Large Open Spaces with Barn Doors

If you have a large open home but wish you had a little more privacy to your home, you can use sliding barn doors to divide rooms. Setting barn doors in open floor plan homes will separate rooms without creating a permanent division. Leave the doors open to enjoy an open floor plan for parties or close the doors to create cozy rooms for intimate gatherings!

Need Help Installing Barn Doors in Southwest Florida?

If you could use a hand installing your barn doors in your Southwest Florida home, Gulf Coast Installs is ready to get to work! With eighteen years of experience under our belts, you can rest easy knowing that you are hiring the best in the area when you call us at (239)-682-1077.