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A custom TV installation and mounting company can help you to set your TV up no matter how you want it or where you want it. Whether you’re looking for the TV to be mounted over your fireplace or looking to build a home theater, we can help you on your way!

5 Custom TV Installation and Mounting Ideas We Can Help With!

If you live around Naples or South West Florida, then you’re right in our service area and we can help to make your custom installation project come to life! Over the years, here at Gulf Coast Installs, we have taken on many different types of TV installations, but these 5 are some of the most creative we’ve seen yet!

1. The “Floating” TV

One setup that we have clients request quite often, is to have a TV that looks as though it was floating on the wall. This requires wiring to be completely hidden and the TV to be perfectly aligned and justified on your wall and it’s definitely something we can help with!

2. A Recessed TV

Once in a while, the design of your home may require something a little more modern, something that doesn’t draw away from the clean lines of the room. For homes like this, a recessed TV – that is, a TV set into the wall, is the ideal solution.

3. Custom Shelving with TV Mounting

If you have a collection you would like to show off or just keep a lot of knick-knacks, then a custom shelving unit built around your wall-mounted television can be the perfect solution for you. This lets you display your things in style without having a clunky tabletop to display your TV.

4. Over the Bed Install

With a fully mobile TV mounting bracket, you can mount your TV so that it pulls down over the master bed at the perfect viewing angle! That means no more straining to see across the room when you’ve already taken your contacts out!

5. The Multi-Panel Home Theater

One of our favorite custom TV installation and mounting project ideas is the use of multiple TV screens in one home theater! With multiple flat screens, you can stream content for every game that’s playing at the same time…we recommend this one for the “man cave” or “woman cave” rather than the main living room though!

Have a Custom TV Installation Project in Mind?

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