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Barn door installation is a great way to bring a stale home back to life, but only when done correctly. To be installed correctly, the doors must be mounted properly, set on a track if they are to be functional, and anchored properly for safety. When this is done, barn doors can provide a new focal point of the room and can create separate living spaces in large open spaces. So where do you begin with barn door installation? If you live near Naples, Florida, then you begin by picking up the phone and giving us a call!

Why You Should Use a Professional For Your Barn Door Installation

Barn door installation may seem like quite a simple project, but it can actually be quite tricky when it comes down to it, especially if you have little to no experience with similar projects.

Professionals Know How to Properly Anchor Your Doors!

Barn doors are exceptionally heavy and pose a real risk of harm if they are not properly anchored and secured to the wall. Most homeowners have never installed their own doors before, let alone a barn door, and this leaves the possibility of improper anchoring. A professional installer has experience with this type of job, however, and knows what type of anchors to use and how to secure them properly to ensure the door will not fall or come loose.

Hanging Barn Doors Can Be Dangerous

As we mentioned above, barn doors are heavy and this makes hanging them dangerous as well as strenuous. We recommend leaving this job to the professionals not only because these heavy doors are easy to drop, but also because you risk throwing out your back or injuring yourself just by raising the doors!

Not All Barn Door Mounting is the Same

Mounting barn doors inside your home takes a lot of factors into account and a professional installer is familiar with and considers all of these things before and during the job. For example, can the wall in question safely support the weight of the door? Is the door going to function or simply be a visual accent? If the door is going to be functional can it be safely tracked and supported?

Be Safe and Call in the Professionals

Even if you have some home DIY experience it’s always best to err on the side of caution and call in the professionals to install your barn doors for you. If you live in Southwest Florida we would be happy to help you! Just pick up the phone and call us at¬†(239)-682-1077 and we’ll get your doors hung in no time!