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Ambient lighting isn’t just something “pretty” that you add for the look of it, did you know that there are actually quite a few benefits of adding this type of lighting to your TV set and entertainment center!

Ambient Lighting: Benefits of “Dressing Up” Your TV

So, you’ve seen those ambient lighting systems that change colors and sit around your television and make your living room look pretty…but do you know that these lighting systems do much more than to look good?

Reduced Eye Strain

One particularly interesting fact about adding ambient light to your television is that it’s a great way to reduce strain on your eyes! When you watch TV in a dimly lit room, your eyes strain as they focus on the bright screen. Add a little ambient light behind the TV and you’re adding light to the room as well and forcing your eyes to strain less as they focus on the bright screen in a dim or dark room.

Better Perception

Adding ambient backlight to your television isn’t just better for your eye health, it also helps you to get more depth out of the picture you are watching. With a quality backlight on your television system, you are going to perceive more contrast in the image you are watching.

An Immersive Experience

Adding ambient lighting to your entertainment center does more than creating more depth to the contrast of your image color, it can also create a much more immersive movie-watching experience. With light systems that change colors to reflect the colors on the screen, the entire room becomes an extension of the movie and it really brings the film to life!

Accent Lighting

You don’t have to use multi-colored or color-changing lighting (AKA smart lighting) when installing ambient lighting around your entertainment center. Adding simple white lighting creates a focal point in the room and it also gives the room a classier feel.

Better Gaming

If you or someone in your household is a gamer, adding ambient lighting brings much more to the game. While ambient lighting that incorporates smart lighting adds to the movie-watching experience, it just gets better when gaming is added into the mix. Imagine playing your favorite video game, your character is walking through a dark dungeon with creepy red accent lighting. In your living room, the room is dark but with deep red accents…can you feel the hair on the back of your neck standing up? It’s a great feeling when you’re a diehard gamer!

What Type of Ambient Lighting Should I Get?

When you get ambient lighting installed, you have the option of installing white light, colored light, or smart lighting. The choice is entirely up to you and your budget. With that said, if we had to make a recommendation, we would recommend going with smart lighting with colored and white light. This gives you the opportunity to experience every kind of lighting possible and you can choose which you prefer when you prefer. This flexibility means that you have options. Now should you install a white light non-smart system of lighting, but later decide that you want a smart system of lighting, you are going to need to have a second installation and invest in a second ambient lighting system. That means a lot of added expense for you in the long run. Invest in a system that is capable of everything and you are set to go!

How Should I Set Up My Ambient Lighting?

This is a question that we hear many people asking when they call to ask about ambient lighting installation. The beautiful thing about having a professional installation expert do your installation for you is that this is something that you don’t have to worry about! Our team of technicians has installed plenty of ambient lighting systems in the past and through their experience and their training, they can evaluate your home entertainment center setup and take care of the positioning and installation of your new lighting! You don’t have to worry about a thing!

Do You Need Ambient Lighting Installation Help?

If you need help installing your new ambient lighting setup for your entertainment center, our team here at Gulf Coast Installations can help! Just pick up the phone and give us a call at (239)-682-1077 to set up an appointment at a time that’s convenient for you!