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Looking for Wesley Chapel TV mounting and installation services? Gulf Cast Installations can help! We offer a range of TV mounting and installation options so that no matter where you want your installation completed or what type of TV you have, we can take care of it for you!

Wesley Chapel TV Mounting Service Prices at Gulf Coast Installations

At Gulf Coast Installations, we offer a full array of installation and TV mounting services. How much can you expect to pay for those services? Well, each of our services is priced individually based on a few different factors:

  • The size of your TV
  • How many TV’s you need installing
  • The type of installation you are looking for
  • Additional services you would like along with your installation

The Size of Your TV

The size of your television can influence the price of your installation. The larger your television, the heavier it will be and the more work needed to install it. For example, a single installation expert could not wall mount a 75″ television alone, so two installers are required which increases the cost of installation.

How Many TV’s You Need Installing

If you need more than one television installed, of course, your price of installation is going to increase. At Gulf Coast Installations we setup special package deals for this type of situation, though, so that you don’t have to pay exorbitant fees. While you will pay more for the installation of two televisions than one, we discount our prices on all multiple installations. So, if you have more than one television that you would like installed, let us know how many installs you need and we’ll offer you our best discount!

The Type of Installation You Are Looking For

Another factor that determines how much you pay for your television installation is the type of installation you are looking for. If you are looking for a tabletop TV installation, you are going to pay less than you would if you were looking for a wall-mounted TV installation.

In addition to the type of installation you are looking for, the place where you want your television installed can influence the cost of your installation. For example, a wall-mounted television on your living room wall would cost you less than a TV mounted on an outdoor fireplace. The reason for this is simply because it requires more time for an installer to complete more complex installation jobs.

Additional Services You Would Like Along With Your Installation

The cost of your TV installation can also be influenced by any additional installation services that you want to be completed at the time of your TV installation. At Gulf Coast Installations we offer a full range of installation services and supplementary services that you can package together to save on a bulk installation.

Supplementary services that we offer include:

  • Surround sound speaker installation
  • Behind wall wiring
  • TV and component setup
  • Bracket mounting and installation

Other installation services that we offer that you may be interested in include:

  • Artwork hanging and installation
  • Window blind installation
  • Window treatment installation
  • Home fixture installation
  • Lighting setup
  • TV wiring help
  • Custom-built cabinets and shelving

Looking For a Reputable Company That Offers Wesley Chapel TV Mounting Service?

If you’re in need of TV installation or mounting services and you live in South West Florida, give us a call here at Gulf Coast Installations at (239)-682-1077. Let us know what time would be right for one of our installation experts to come by and we’ll get you set up with an appointment so that you don’t have to wait for twelve hours for someone to show up!