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As the leading Tampa art installer, here at Gulf Coast Installations, we have learned quite a bit about purchasing art over the years. Now, we don’t claim to be experts, but we have spent decades installing some of the finest pieces of art around the Tampa area, so today we’re going to answer a few of your frequently asked art purchasing questions.

Tampa Art Installer Answers Your Art FAQs About Art Purchases

Q: Where Can I Buy Artwork to Tastefully Decorate My Home?

A: The answer to this question really depends on what type of art you are looking for! For example, if you are looking for unique pieces by local artists, we recommend checking out some of the local arts and crafts fairs as well as ducking into some local artists’ exhibitions if you have a local art museum. (Local art museums often hold smaller exhibits to showcase local art pieces from authors living in the area or who grew up in the area.)

Q: What is a Limited Edition Piece?

A: A limited-edition piece of art is a piece that was created as part of a series of pieces that were limited to a specific number. For example, if you purchase a painting called “Blue Chair” that is numbered 3/88, this means that there were 88 pieces in that painting series and then the painter decided to release no more of that painting. Your painting is the third one to be painted in that series. Depending upon the popularity of that artist and the painting, limited edition pieces increase in value over time and they are worth hanging on to.

Q: What are an Artist’s Proof and a Printer’s Proof?

A: When an artist creates a limited edition print, they customarily keep 10-15% of the limited edition pieces for themselves. These pieces are usually marked with “AP” and may later be sold through a gallery.

When a printer prints up an art piece for the artist, they will print up a piece to ensure that the print comes out properly before doing the “run”. This print is referred to as the “printer’s proof”. A printer’s proof can let the printer know if there is something “off” with the printing plates that will affect the final printed product. A printer’s proof does not count as a piece in the limited edition collection. So, for example, if an artist’s limited edition set has 15 prints, there will be 15 prints and a printer’s proof.

Q: Can I Buy a Piece of Art Framed?

A: This depends on where you buy the piece of art. If you buy from a gallery, most galleries will give you the opportunity to have your piece framed by a professional – and it’s IMPERATIVE that you have a professional do the framing for you! If the seller of your piece of art does not offer framing, don’t worry, there are still plenty of places to go! There are professional framing services in most art shops and galleries, there are framing shops in big cities, and, you can even check out your local crafts store, they usually offer framing services too!

Q: Do I Have to Frame My Art?

A: This is up to you. Of course, if you don’t want to frame a piece that you have, you don’t have to. We do recommend having a piece framed, though, because you have paid money for a spectacular art piece and to display it without framing only puts it at risk of being degraded by sunlight or dirt and grime.

Q: How Do I Frame Non-Traditional Art Pieces?

A: It is possible to frame just about anything! There are special display cases designed for all types of art pieces, some are wall-mounted, some stand freely, some hang just like picture frames. If you’re not sure if your art piece can be framed, we recommend taking it to a professional framer and asking for their opinion on framing options.

Q: Can A Professional Installer Install Non-Traditional Pieces of Art?

A: Yes! Here at Gulf Coast Installs, we install a wide variety of art pieces including the non-traditional pieces! We have installed priceless museum pieces and home memories and we take pride in each and every project we undertake no matter how big or small!

Are You Searching For a Reputable Tampa Art Installer?

If you’re in need of a reputable and experienced Tampa art installer, Gulf Coast Installations is here for you! Just give us a call today at 239-682-1077 to set up an appointment time that’s convenient for you!