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When it comes to your TV mounting bracket installation project you may think that it’s a job that’s “easy enough”. Unfortunately, many homeowners have found that this is not always the case, so today we want to talk about why hiring an installer to do the job for you is a must!

Why You Should Hire an Installer For Your TV Mounting Bracket Installation

TV mounting bracket installation is about much more than simply screwing a bracket into the wall. Many homeowners, unfortunately, believe that simply screwing a bracket into the wall is all they need to do to secure their television. All too often, this results in the TV falling from the wall and getting damaged.

Just why should you hire a professional installer to do the job for you?

The Right Bracket Every Time

A professional installer will ensure that you use the right bracket type for your TV and your needs every time. Depending on where you want to mount your TV, the field of vision you want to have of your TV, the weight of your TV and the location of studs in the wall, the type of bracket you need will vary. It’s important to get the right mount so that your TV is secure and so that you can see your TV from all locations.

The Right Equipment

Sure, sometimes, installing a TV bracket requires nothing more than a few tools that everyone has in their toolbox, but sometimes, it requires a little more. If you are looking to mount your TV on an unusual surface like a brick fireplace, your installation job will require a different set of tools. Instead of having to invest in these sometimes very expensive tools, you can save money by hiring a professional installer who has all the right tools on hand already!


When securing your TV mounting bracket to the wall it is entirely possible that something might go wrong. One slip or unsecured footing and your TV can come crashing to the ground. Rather than have to write off your TV as a loss due to a fluke accident, hire a professional installation expert who carries insurance! That means that your installer will have plenty of experience under their belt so that accidents are much less likely to happen, but just in case they do, you’re fully covered!

Looking For a Professional TV Bracket Installation Expert?

If you live in the Southwest Florida area and are looking for a professional to help you install your TV bracket and mount your TV on the wall for you, give Gulf Coast Installs a call at (239)-682-1077!