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Affordable cabinet installation and mounting services can be tricky to find, particularly in the state of Florida! Fortunately, here at Gulfcoast Installs, we know that these services are hard to come by which is why we offer them! Whether you’re looking for help installing your latest IKEA cabinet or mounting an antique cabinet, Gulfcoast Installs can help.

Affordable Cabinet Installation – Why You Should Hire a Professional

Cabinet installation is one of those jobs that the average DIY’er doesn’t hesitate to undertake. Afterall, it’s simply a matter of screwing a cabinet together and mounting it on the wall…isn’t it?

Well, not really…take a look at 10 things that can go wrong if you don’t opt for affordable cabinet installation by a professional:

1. Your cabinets aren’t mounted flush to the wall.

2. Lifting, mounting, and affixing cabinets alone may result in accidents.

3. Cabinets aren’t mounted on the level.

4. Cabinets are not firmly anchored to the walls.

5. You may end up mounting cabinets in tight spaces only to find out that they cannot open fully.

6. Taking inaccurate measurements will result in not being able to fit your cabinets in your space!

7. Failing to plan for lighting fixtures can mean blocking out light with your new cabinets.

8. Mounting cabinets so that doors open in the wrong direction is a particularly common mistake.

9. Trying to install cabinets on sloped or uneven walls.

10. Mounting cabinets on drywall alone is another common mistake!

Need a Hand with Affordable Cabinet Installation?

Do you want to avoid making these top ten mistakes that are made all too often by inexperienced DIY’ers? Then you’re in luck because here at Gulfcoast Installs, we have the experience, the know-how, and the tools to install your cabinets correctly the first time! Not only that but our affordable cabinet installation services are suited to every budget!

Give us a call today atĀ (239)-682-1077 and we will set you up with an appointment right away!