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When it comes to window treatment installation a professional installation company like Gulf Coast Installs has years of experience under their belt. This experience doesn’t just make for top quality installation but it also allows for the gathering of tips and tricks that can help homeowners intent on DIY solutions!

Window Treatment Installation Tricks of the Trade

Layering Drapes Can Add Texture and Function

Rather than just installing panel curtains, you can add texture as well as function to your rooms by layering. There are a number of ways that you can do this through the use of sheer curtains, netting, panel curtains, framing curtains, valances, and tie backs. Although it may seem like extra trouble to install multiple pieces like this, it can make your home look much more finished. Plus, if you decide to hire a professional installation expert to install your window treatments for you, it’s quite affordable to add in a second or third treatment installation to your installation package.

Make Sure You Get All Three Measurements

When installing window treatments there are four measurements that you need to take into consideration. Many homeowners who choose to install their own window treatments neglect at least one of these measurements! So what are these four important numbers?

  • The width of your hardware. This measurement should be 10 to 15 inches out from the edge of the window frame on each side. This allows for optimal sunlight entry into your room when the curtains are opened.
  • The height of your hardware. This measurement varies but the three most common positions are to hang hardware flush with the window frame height, hanging hardware six inches above the molding of the window, or hanging hardware much higher than the window molding to make a more dramatic statement.
  • The width of your curtains. This number should be twice the measurement of your window width including the frame of the window. Any smaller than this and the curtains will be pulled tight and look less full.
  • The length of your curtains. There are three standard curtain lengths – 63″, 84″, and 95″. 63″ curtains fall flush with the base of the window. 84″ curtains fall to the floor. 95″ curtains fall longer than floor length and create a dramatic pool of fabric under the window.

The Adjustable Bottom Rail Weight

In some homes, windows may not be level. There is little you can do about changing the level of the window, but a bottom rail weight can prevent your window treatments from telescoping due to unlevel windows. Some shades come with an adjustable bottom rail weight which allows for adjustment to compensate and eliminate the telescoping look.

Choose Sturdy Fabric for Panel Curtains

When choosing panel curtains to frame either side of your window invest in sturdy fabrics. These fabrics help to pull the curtain down vertically stopping wrinkling and giving more substance to your window appearance. Thicker quality fabrics also help to reduce sunlight when pulled closed and make your home look more aesthetically pleasing.

Use Your Window Treatments to Hide Wall Space

If you have awkward wall space that needs covering, place your window treatment hardware and curtains such that they cover this space. You can even use sheer curtains to cover this wall space to give a lighter layered look. This is also a great trick for making your windows appear larger than they actually are. Extend your window treatments further to the sides of the actual window and you create the illusion of more open space.

Paint Your Window Trim

Add a little color to your window by painting the trim in a color that complements the window treatments you have chosen. This creates a more three dimensional and finished appearance to your window.

Make Short Windows Look Taller with Patterns

If your windows are shorter and you’d like to give the appearance of having taller windows and a more open layout, go with vertical stripes. Window treatments with vertical stripes trick the eye into believing that the window is taller than it actually is.

Use Your Window Treatments to Create a Focal Point

Installing window treatments with bold colors, bold patterns, unique textures, or combining a variety of these features can create a focal point for your room. Ensure that this focal point is installed on the level and at the right distance from the window frame by having a professional install your treatments for you.

Combine Blinds and Curtains

Combine blinds with window treatments for a more practical option without losing the aesthetic benefit of window panels. Plus, if you give Gulf Coast Installs a call we can take care of your window blind installation as well as hang those window treatments for you.

Leave Blackout Blinds and Window Treatments in the Bedroom

Blackout blinds and window treatments are perfect for rooms where complete darkness is a necessity – the bedroom – but are overpowering in other rooms of the house. Stick with drapery that allows some sunlight to peek through in the living room of your home and other common rooms. These rooms don’t require a complete lack of light and doing this can make rooms seem much smaller and create a dreary living space.

Prefer Window Treatment Installation From the Pros?

If you’re not sure that you can tackle window treatment installation yourself or if you just don’t have the time, pick up the phone and give Gulf Coast Installs a call atĀ (239)-682-1077. Have something other than window treatments that you need installed for you? Gulf Coast Installs can install anything and everything that hangs on your wall! Just give us a call!