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Are you thinking about doing LED TV installation yourself? Even if you’re a DIY pro, there are a few things that you should consider if you want to ensure that your installation is a professional one.

Consider These Things Before DIY LED TV Installation

Before you try to complete your own LED TV installation job, there are a few things you should keep in mind…

1. You Might Break Your TV…

TV’s might be more affordable than they used to be, but you’re still spending your hard earned money on your LED TV investment. The last thing you want is for that investment to come crashing off the wall or to fall from your hands as you lift it to mount it.

When you hire a professional LED TV installer you don’t run the risk of breaking your own TV and you’re fully insured if your installer does! Don’t worry though, here at Gulf Coast Installs, we don’t make a habit of dropping our client’s TVs!

2. TV Installation is About More Than Just Hanging a Picture

Many people think that mounting a TV is nothing more than buying a wall mount, fitting it to the TV and hanging it up on the wall. There are actually a number of important things to take into consideration before you even begin installing your TV! You must choose a mount that is suited to your TV, you must locate and double check the stud location in your wall, you also have to select anchors that are capable of supporting the weight of your TV. Without taking these many different factors into account, it’s very possible that your TV will come crashing down.

3. The Logistics of Installation

A professional LED TV installer has years of experience installing televisions as well as other electronic equipment. This experience allows them to know the optimal location for TV placement and audio equipment, how to hide wiring properly, how to set TV’s into the wall, how to setup your surround sound system…and just about everything else! This experience makes the installation go faster but it also allows the installer to notice potential complications or problems with installation before they become problems.


Need a Professional For Your Installation Instead?

Have you rethought installing your own LED TV? Need a professional to help you get things done instead? If you live in southwest Florida, Gulf Coast Installs is here to help. Just give us a call atĀ (239)-682-1077 and we’ll set you up with an appointment right away!