As leading Tampa TV installers, here at Gulf Coast Installations, we know a lot about televisions, but even we didn’t know some of these weird and interesting TV facts!

Tampa TV Installers Share TV facts You Ought to Know!

The First TV Commercial

The first ever television commercial cost $9 and aired in 1941. The commercial lasted 20 seconds and was for Bulova watch. $9 is a pretty good deal these days, back then, that was $167.14!

The Image Dissector

The first completely electronic TV set was called the “image dissector” – we are pretty glad that they didn’t stick with that name!

No TV For You!

The inventor of the television, Philo T Farnsworth, forbade his children from watching television! He believed that there was nothing worthwhile broadcast via television and refused to risk his children’s intellect.

Generational Differences

The majority of people worldwide dream in color, but people who watched black and white television while growing up also commonly dream in black and white!

Color Television

Although the television was first commercially available in September of 1927, the discussion for color television did not begin until 1946 but even then, the mechanical television was not compatible with color television technology. This made RCA push back against color television and advocate the continuation of black and white television instead. CBS, however, was pushing for the advent of color television. In 1953, RCA developed their own color television technology which was designed for RCA television sets.

High-Definition Television

It wasn’t until 1996 that the standards for high-definition television were ratified. The first United States television station to broadcast in high definition was WRAL-HD, but the broadcast was only viewed by a handful of people. By the time high-definition television was broadcast, the original television broadcasting technology had changed very little for 40 years! It would be thirteen more years before the government would mandate that high-definition television was the standard for television broadcasting.

Commercial Free Broadcasting

For four days following the assassination of President Kennedy, all television networks broadcast commercial-free as they broadcast the events following his death – including his funeral. During these four days, television networks lost a total of $100,000 million in advertising revenue!

The Most Advertised Face on Television

Dave Thomas – the founder of the Wendy’s fast food chain, is the most broadcast face in television commercials. In total, Dave has featured in over eight hundred television commercials! That’s a lot of fast food!

The Most Watched Television Show Worldwide

Top Gear – the UK car show is the most watched television show around the world and is seen in over one hundred and seventy countries with an average total viewership of 350 million viewers per week!

Television or Phone?

A larger percentage of people worldwide own a phone than own a television. That isn’t too surprising though, considering what smart phones can do today. That doesn’t mean that televisions aren’t still popular, though! In early 1950, ten percent of the population owned a television set. By 1960, ninety percent of households have a television and an incredible 55% of children have their own television set in their bedroom!

Television Vs. Radio

Most people believe that radio came before television, but this isn’t true! The cathode ray tube used in television technology to display the television picture was actually developed in 1897. In fact, it wasn’t until 1920 that the first commercial radio station became available in Pittsburgh!

The World’s Fair Introduced the Television to the Public!

It was 1939 before the television was introduced to the general public. The RCA broadcast of President Theodore Roosevelt must have worked, because the next day, RCA began selling their television sets like hotcakes!

The Forgotten TV Network

Most of us are familiar with the main television networks – NBC, ABC, and CBS – which are still broadcast today, but most people have forgotten about the other main network – DuMont Television Network. DuMont Television Network ran from 1942 to 1956 and was responsible for airing the first two seasons of The Honeymooners!

The Most Watched Television Episode

The most watched television episode in history is the series finale of M*A*S*H.  The final episode of the well-loved show was viewed by some 106 million Americans – that is 60.2% of American households!

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